It's Nice When Your Kid Gets "Fired" Up

The other night Poppy called us to insist we watch "Bowfire" on NY's WLIW, and I was in the middle of trying to cook dinner, but we made sure to watch it. Sometimes the Sun gets into stuff, sometimes he doesn't, and you never can tell with a kid when you force them to do something if it will "click". Last year we fought A LOT about violin practice, but this year it's been easier.

So, we watched the program. I gotta say... it rocked. The Sun was particularly impressed by the tapdancing, long-hair-with-a-hat fiddler ("he's cool! Has a hat AND long hair!") and with George Gao, the erhu player (heck, I was impressed). But he also loved watching "Orange Blossom Special" because his teacher Roberta has an arrangement she teaches the kids.

He was SO impressed and inspired, he got his violin out all by himself, without bribery or coercion, and played. (Excuse the crappy Treo sound... he actually sounds pretty good in person.)

I was so impressed by him being inspired, I actually pledged money to get first pick on good tickets. Can't afford it AT ALL.... but I think it's something he'd love to see. And any folks who can make Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" sound better than the original... hey, I'm sold.

So, if we can't/don't make it to the big Pow Wow in New Mexico (which won't happen unless I get another job really soon), we'll be at the concert...


Ros said…
WAY cool, thanks for sharing the video!K
Fat Lady said…
Yeah, he sounds GREAT!!! And since my kid started violin at the same time he did - I can attest to just how fabulous he sounds. All those fights about practice are paying off.

I don't have the energy to fight - so we will be watching Bowfire, because I know Sugar will get inspired and will practice a lot for a while.

And if you do end up going to the Pow Wow, maybe I'll buy those tickets off you.
Bonnie said…
We need to go to that concert. My kids would love it.

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