Friday, November 11, 1977

Psalm 15
Day 31.3 Got up medium. Still no flow. Pops went to get a camping heater. Aunt Sinah came. We went and got mom a coat she had her eye on in the antique and thrift shop down the street (see Wed 9/11/77). Came back. I saw a bay police horse with a blaze. Pops had come back, so we took him along with us to the farmers market. It was cold. Then went to shop. Aunt Sinah brought us home. We cooked, ate, put on pjs, went to bed. (P.S. we found some JA music on WLIB). Thank you, Mr. O. I ate:
  • Breakfast: tangerine, 1 bowl grits and honey
  • lunch: about 6 chocolate fudge cookies (sandwhich), 1 box cracker jacks
  • Dinner: cabbage + carrots+onion+garlic+tomato+hotpepper+? peas+snaps 1/4 omlette
  • Dessert: peanuts, 3/4 pear,1/2 banana
Boy, we went from eating no junk to eating a fair amount of junk. In a hurry. But I'm pretty sure it's cuz I'd figured out how to lift things from the candy aisle.

The camping heater. It's a wonder we didn't blow our fool selves up. Although, after two years of cooking over an open fire, we had a pretty healthy respect for fire and didn't much mess around with it or take it for granted. The one I'm showing here is obviously a safer, more updated model. I remember having to light the propane or gas or whatever on the top of the heater, having flames shoot up and then die down. But we needed it. It was getting cold...


I bet you were getting cold - not use to camping hun, but for a city girl who tried - u get props from me. nice blog hon
The Bear Maiden said…
Thanks for stopping by! I'm honored...

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