Sunday, November 6, 1977

Psalm 10
Day 21
We Go To The National Horse Show

Got up medium. Dressed. Pops went and called Aunt Sinah. Mrs. B_ Dammond wasn't feeling well, so Mom got to go. We had a McDonald's breakfast. Then I drew, and we hung around till 12:50pm. when we went downstairs and Aunt Sinah was there. Went to the Horse Show. Gad a good time. Capped, screamed, etc and entered in the raffles. Then we pet a police horse named "Blammo". Came home. Went to Burger King with Pop. Went to bed (bag). Thank you, Mr. O.

I ate:
  • Breakfast: 1 apple strudel, 1 cup hot chocolate, peanuts
  • Lunch: 1 beef hot dog with mustard + ketchup, 1 cotton candy 1 orange soda, 1 pkg shell peanuts
  • Dinner: onion rings, french fries, 1 doable hamburger, 1 7-up
The weekly summary said:

A good week. Went to the horse show and mom got to go, because B_Dammond was sick. We had a good time. We went to a couple of eat out places this week.

The only person who loved horses more than me was my mom, so it was a big deal that mom got to go. B_ was Aunt Sinah's freind Ellens daughter-in-law.

The horse show was awesome. I remember particularly liking the dressage portion, and the Lipizzaner Stallions.


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