The TinyOne turned two today. I forgot my camera in the Professor's car, so I can't upload a birthday picture until later, but this little Treo Video was taken last week on Poppy's birthday.

The Diva was 18 when she got pregnant, and while we all would have much preferred she go to college, we can't imagine life without TinyOne. He's a sweet little boy, extremely intelligent and he LOVES the Sun. He LOVES to watch the Sun play violin, and whenever he sees the Sun is at Nana's he goes and looks for the violin. Then he drags it to the Sun (the violin case is almost as tall as he is) and insist that the Sun play.

Today, Moodmagic Barbie played "Happy Birthday" on her guitar, and the Sun played "Twinkle Twinkle" and TinyOne just thought that was the greatest thing. He loved his cake, and Nana's turkey wings, and his presents. The Sun and I got him those wooden fruits with Velcro that the kids can "cut" open. He really played with it! We were thrilled. Happy Birthday, TinyOne!


Fat Lady said…
Happy Birthday to the little man!!!! He's just as cute as can be!!!

Spice loves the violin too and always gets excited when Sugar practices. Unfortunately, she's not content to just watch. She wants to play too, and is now demanding a violin of her own.

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