Monday, November 14, 1977

Psalm 18
Day 34.6

Got up medium. Dressed. Ate breakfast. Went shopping. Stopped in the Salvation Army thrift shop. Came back. Ate. Just sort of hung around and rested. Got up. Pops went out. We told stories to each other. I finished "Bob, Son of Battle" earlier. Put on pj's. Pops came back. Ate supper. Going to bed. Thank you, Mr. O.

I ate:
  • Breakfast: grits+eggs, 1 fruit sweetie, hot p.nuts, 1/4 beef stick, raisins.
  • Dinner: Beef sausage+grits+field peas+greens+onion+garlic+rice+hot pepper soup, lettuce+onion+apple+salad, 1 banana
  • 1 roast beef+coleslaw sandwich, peanuts, 1/3 banana


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