Tuesday, November 29, 1977

Psalm 33
Day 12

Got up medium. Dressed and then... SNOW! White and soft, it fluttered down. I wonder what Bev or Marlene would say. Going to eat breakfast. Then Pop, T+me went shopping in the snow. Came back. Mom cooked. Ate. Washed dishes. Later Pops went out. I finished "That Darn Cat." It's funny. Put on pj's. Mom told a story. Pops came back. Ate a snack. Went to bag. Thank you, Mr. O.

I ate:
  • Breakfast: 1 bowl oatmeal + honey
  • Dinner: ground beef+carrot+cabbage+chick peas+celery+celery+onion+sweet pepper, 1/4 omelet, hash brown potatoes, 1/2 tangelo, pnuts (unroasted), 3 dates.
  • Snack: 1 1/2 coconut cookies, pnuts


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