OK, OK, A Heroes Post....

So the Fat Lady yelled at me, because she said that when I put my Heroes theory up at the top, nobody can respond. I said well I don't want my blog to be all about Heroes, and she yelled at me again and said it wouldn't be... so OK.

Next week I'll just a post instead. Particularly since it'll be a biggie. But if you have comments about the theory presented above, you can comment from this post... I'll even make a tag for it for future reference.

But it's a good one, right? My theory, I mean.


Jacqueline said…
oooh! ooooh! me! I'll comment! I'll comment! I have no one to comment to [except Bear Maiden, here...] and my two sons... I do not know anyone else who is into Heroes like we are... ok ok, here goes. I like your theory... hadn't thought of one myself. Although I am questioning statements the network makes like, "Two heroes will fall." What does "fall" mean, anyway? Get hurt? or die? perhaps they'll be injured but not die, no? it troubles me that Hiro was not in the scenes shown. Both my boys say they will not watch if Hiro is killed off. And Legolas [eldest son] asked who exactly was the very first hero shown in the first episode. Gimli [younger son] and I think it was Hiro - so how can they kill him off???? The whole Japanese culture angle would be destroyed if Hiro is killed. Even though those shown are Elle, Hiro, Matt, Nathan and Claire with the statement, "Two heroes will fall...", I wonder if Maya getting hurt is one of the heroes who fall. In one of the scenes at YouTube, they showed Maya lying on the couch... Legolas thinks Sylar hurt her.

can't think of anything else right this second... waiting for more comments!!!!
professor said…
you folks are waaaay to obsessed!!!!
people, its a TV show...lol
The Bear Maiden said…
I don't think Hiro will die... he can't, because his ability to transport back and forth though time, and his relationship to Kensei is what's holding the big picture together. And he still has to "mature" to become "future Hiro" with the cool goatee and the sword on his back. But he might "fall".... cuz Adam has his sword in some pictures I've seen.

And listen, Professor...it is NOT just a TV show! It's a way of life! a philosophy! an alternate reality! Just think how much cooler the world would be if we all discovered our superpowers????
Fat Lady said…
Well since I'm the one who bugged you to make a post, I guess I should get off my ass and comment.

I am looking forward to Monday's episode thanks to you. After the last two weeks I was feeling a little despondent about Heroes. Nothing was living up to my expectations and it seemed that everyone was becoming a little too ordinary, fallible, and well turning into downright bumbling idiots - which really brought me down.

The characters I loved (Mohinder, Peter, Hiro) and the ones I love to hate (Bob, Elle) were all just being a little too dumb for my tastes.

The only one who lived up to my expectations was Sylar. But sometimes I just get tired of Sylar. He's deliciously evil and all - but those evil glances directly into the camera are irritatingly corny sometimes. Though I love that he's the only character who breaks the 4th wall. I wonder what the significance of that is.

I really have to start checking out more of the online graphic novels and other links on the official Heroes site.

I have this theory that all of the Heroes are descended from Adam and I'd love to look for more clues to prove that.

I think Hiro will survive - I can't imagine the series existing without him. Though, Bear Maiden, I don't think he will mature into the cool future Hiro with the goatee. That Hiro was the result of the Peter blowing up NYC and Ando dying. Since that didn't happen - I don't think that Hiro will come to be.

Professor, Heroes is just a TV - but it's the best kind of TV. It doesn't just numb your mind for an hour and then you walk away and can't even remember what happened. This is TV that sparks the imagination, gets you thinking, looking at all the possibilities, making up your own stories. It doesn't get any better than this.

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