Suddenly Annoyed

So I'm about to go to bed... and I was looking for something for the Sun's school librarian and happened to check Debbie Reese's blog "American Indians in Children's Literature". For just two seconds, this particular post majorly annoyed the shit out of me, because I'm still struggling through that book "Black, White and Indian."

I've had to put the book down for a minute. It was pissing me off. But I'll get back to it.

In the meantime, my mother dug up some new family pictures, this time of Albert Carson's parents, who were first cousins. They looked straight up white. Sera Carson, his mother, was rumored to have been descended from Madagascar. The father, I can't tell as the photo is faded and his face is hidden by a huge white mustache.

I have to go back and do some more digging. I have a bunch of questions swirling around my head but I need to go to bed...


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