Tuesday, November 15, 1977

Psalm 19
Day 35.7

Got up medium. Dressed. Ate breakfast. Then Mom, T+I went a-hunting for apartments. Went shopping. We found a fishman from Brazil. Came back. Helped mom cook. Then ate. This morning when we were shopping, we saw Mr. Kalifah of United bros. Anyhow, we ate then I drew and wrote a letter to Mrs Walters, Speedy's mum. Then Pops went out, he came back, we ate supper. We will put on pj's, might hear a story, then go to bag. Thank you, Mr. O.

I ate:
  • Breakfast: 1 bowl oat porridge+honey
  • Snack: peanuts
  • Dinner: whiting fish (fried) fillets, hot pepper+zucchini+steamed greens, spaghetti alio e olio, lettuce+mustard dressing, 1/2 pear, dates and prunes
  • Snack: animal crackers, peanuts.
Yup, Mom wasn't feeling our new home at all. But I guess she got used to it, afterall. Now, we have a hard time convincing her she should move...

"Porridge" is such a Jamaican word. And it has strong emotions tied up to it for me. Porridge always seemed like a luxury breakfast to me, because mornings were usually rushed for working-class Jamaica. So buttered bread and some tea and a piece of fruit was generally what I saw people eat. But porridge usually required some time, especially if it was cornmeal porridge, and I only ever remember eating that if someone had the time to make it. Also, instant oatmeal wasn't quite invented back then...

I'd forgotton about spaghetti alio eolio till just now. We ate a lot of that. Should try it these days--I'm betting it's right up the Sun's alley.
Been MIA. Mostly, just life, being really tired from some flu/bug/cold type thing that's kicking my ass. And missing Nene, who I've decided to put on hiatus again. Love shouldn't cost you anything, and when it does, it's time to reconsider...


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