Some Notes on the Macy's Parade...

How I Spent Thanksgiving.

I watched the Macy's Parade while I was cooking yesterday morning. It was my turn to host the KrazyPeople, and the host is the one who gets to make the turkey. My turkey came out pretty darn good, if I do say so myself, and I made the stuffing completely from scratch; I baked cornbread the night before to go in the stuffing. Anyway. I've only ever seen the Parade in real life once, from like a block away on a cross street, so I couldn't see the floats, and only caught the balloons as they passed the block. But I watch it every year on TV. This year some things made me take mental note:

The Rockettes: I find it interesting that they, and the Radio City Music Hall Christmas show, are such icons. Imagine being part of something where the whole climax of the show will ALWAYS be a line of women kicking their legs in unison. I saw the Christmas Show once, I think. Aunt Sinah sent us. The Sun says he wants to see it. I dunno... I can't say it's on my Top Ten of STD*'s. Also, I thought they were slightly sloppier than I've seen... they had some concentric circle thing happening, and the inside circle was definitely flat on one side. They had a number of brown-skinned girls in it this year. They didn't used to let the brown girls in, back in the day.

Cherokee National Youth Choir: Pretty cool to hear a version of "Jingle Bells" in the Cherokee language. However, I'm totally not feeling the Cherokee these days, since they kicked all their dark brothers and cousins out of the tribe. And the choir had nary a dark face among them...

Barbie's Paradise Island: Said Meredith Viera--"Barbie can be any body she wants to--an astronaut, a doctor, but here she chooses to be a princess..." You're joking, right?

National Dance Institute: This was way cool. They did an Appalachian Clog Dance.

Advertising Icons: There's something very disturbing to me about the fact that Ronald McDonald and the Pillsbury Doughboy are balloons. That someone came up with the idea for a character to sell products, and that the character takes on a life of it's own and becomes "beloved".

On the whole we had good time. The Professor's sweet potatoes with marshmallows were were really good, and she made some slammin' mac and cheese. Aside from a few snide remarks back and forth, the Diva and she got along pretty well. The new boyfriend was there; nice guy but he's a serious lump and needs a job. The Diva is using him to hide from life, I think, so I wonder how long this will last. TinyOne, though, is a joy. He is SO MUCH like the Diva at that age. He looks like her, he sounds like her, he stands like her. It's really freaky. You ask him how old he is and he says "I two!" and holds up all four of his fingers, slightly bending the thumb. And flashes all his teeth.

The Sun was a little whiny. I think he was missing his dah, who he hasn't seen since August. Last year his father came up for Thanksgiving. But he had a few whiny outburts, and at one point ran screaming into his room. TinyOne ran after him, and when he saw the Sun crying offered him "nose". "Nose" is TinyOne's word for paper--napkins, toilet tissue... anything to wipe his "nose" with. But TinyOne has this obsession with wadding up tiny pieces of Nose and stuffing them up his nose... so when he broke off a tiny piece of paper--perfect for wadding and stuffing--and handed it to the Sun we fell out laughing.

Poppy ate and slept on the couch.

UNN1 was feeling sad, and couldn't face the KrazyPeople en masse, (I told her no worries... sometimes I have a hard time facing the KrazyPeople en masse) so I brought her and Thumbelina up some food.

The family left around 10P, and we settled down for the night. We had a good time. Those KrazyPeople; they make me nuts but I enjoy the hell out of them.

*STD - Somethin' Ta Do


professor said…
but you have to admit...we ARE the party...
enjoying the stuffing now...its always better on the second day...
The Bear Maiden said…
Yes indeedy. There is no party until the Horde descends ;)

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