My Kid Rocks....

No, really, he does.

So we've watched snippets of "Bowfire" several times this weekend, and listened to Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" a few times, and tonight at bedtime he broke out the violin and figured out the main riff in about 10 minutes. And then he scribbled notes to himself so he wouldn't forget, and packed it in his violin case.

The thing is, I even think he knows the notes. Next he said he'll start working on the bridge, and he was gonna ask Roberta and his privatelesson teacher if they could teach him the rest of the song...


I'm so proud I could spit. I also happen to be Zeppelin fan so that just makes it all the more fun.

Then I discovered a new site has been launched, and it's worth exploring.


Ginger said…
That's freakin' awesome! U loves Led Zeppelin too! I wish I could get U that excited about his violin.
The Bear Maiden said…
LOL. Dontcha just love our "Retro" souls?

Remember, the whole neighborhood heard our screaming battles over practice last year. And then something "clicked" this year. So give it time :) And don't let him quit :)

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