Saturday, November 19, 1977

Got up medium. Still flowing. Dressed. Had Sabbath School. Ate breakfast. Mom made salad and then we ate lunch. Read. Then just hung around. Later we put on pj's and pops started a story called "Carlyle and The Devil". Aunt Sinah came, bringing walnuts, apples and library books. Ate, read, then went to bag.

Thank you, Mr. O

I ate:
  • Breakfast: 1/2 apple, 1/4 orange, 1/2 banana, 1/2 tangerine
  • Dinner: white kidney beans+red herring, chicken spread +mustard +sweet peppers, cucumber +tomato+lettuce+thyme+mustard, Rye Krisps, soy nuts, p.nuts
  • Supper: 1 apple, banana, tangerine, walnuts, pear
I talked to Poppy today. There's family drama happening. The Diva isn't pulling her weight, hasn't been for a minute and the Professor is fed up. Big Bear is up in arms. Poppy was joking how he always stayed out of womenfolks business because we wanted him to, but that he would have done stuff differently with the Diva. I pointed out our childhood was a little strange but we turned out alright. He said he'd poked around the blog a little bit and wanted to know if he could comment... said he felt compelled to put up a disclaimer. I told him it wasn't necessary... no matter how strange and unnerving our life was, 30 years later we can all still sit in a small room (the same tinyass rooms we've been sitting in together for the past 30 years) and pretty much get along. It's not like I'm looking back over my life going "Wow, that crazy bastard, and now I'm screwed for life and I don't talk to the parents anymore." We can say "We're screwed for life but at least they loved us and we loved them." Don't know if that makes it OK but there you have it.

So despite the fact that the Professor claims on Dec 1st the Diva and her crap will either go into storage or into the babydaddy's house, it's going. But on Thursday, I'm fairly certain we'll all sit in my apartment and eat and get along like we usually do. At least I hope so.

That story he wrote ended up being good -- one of my favorites.


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