Wednesday, July 27, 1977

Psalm 58

Got up early, washed and dressed. Cleaned room. Walked dogs. Let out Red Sun. Played with beans. Layed and helped with fire. Ate at fire-place. Heard "strange Homecoming". Cleaned kitchen. Rested. Drew pictures of A- and Mark grown up and married. Gave them to her and Mark, along with a Shell Gasoline handbook and an old "Right On!" mag. Talked to her, gave her a fudge recipe. Showered . Fed Greta and Guerly. Mom fixed my yellow T. sleeves. Ate Supper, Heard "Dulcie." Going to put on pjs and go to bed. Thanks, Mr. O.

I ate:
  • Brunch: 2 green banana+wheat+fish cakes, hash, g-banana chips, banana+mango chutney.
  • Supper: ice cream rice, banana+salt+pepper:? sauce, wheat+oil+salt cakes (yum!)
So I was *really* tired as I typed this early this morning but I realized, in between dozing offs, that I couldn't have been eating "ice cream". We had no fridge. The store was a mile away on foot. Which meant either the "fudgie man" had come by (and I certainly would have mentioned that, I think. The fudgie man was usually some guy on a motor bike/mo-ped, with a wooden ice box lashed to the back with popsicles in it.) or it was me trying to "fancy up" some concoction we were eating. I vote for the latter. And I've no idea why I would have called it "ice cream rice." Maybe the answer will reveal itself in a few days.

And see? I can be kind an caring! I liked A- alot actually. I think part of me finding her "boring" was that she was about 14, and I was 12. So she was into boys and stuff... and plus was having personal drama I couldn't relate to. But me giving things to you means I like you (like giving you "pinchies" means the Sun likes you--and probably equally as annoying) cuz I am/have been/will always be a cheap beeatch and don't give up nuthin' without a fight or a reason. Especially "Right On!" magazine (good googamooga! What an awful website!). Although why I would have given her a "Shell Gasoline Handbook" is beyond me. Sheesh. I really was a strange child. I think it's why I understand MoodMagicBarbie so well. I look at her and go "GAH! Me at 12!" only she's much prettier and more stylish than I was at that age.

Like how I disguised the use of "sardines"???

Red Sun was one of our cats. Really, an older kitten. He looked like an Albino Siamese, blue eyes and everything. He got this HUGE nasty abcess on his neck; probably the same thing Baby had before he drowned in the drain. We were trying to separate him from the other cats, in case what he had was contagious. Our animals did not do well out in Bull Bay, except for Greta. There must have been something in that lake...


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