Sunday, July 24, 1977

Psalm 55

Got up medium. T+Pop went to Biscayne after we got dressed. I wrote to cousin C-in Washington. Helped with fire. T+Pop came back. T's wearing Baby's disinfected dog bell. Ate. Rested. Got up, pops cooked. There was an accident on the main road. A motor bike and a J.O.S.*. We finally met Mr. Chin-Loy. Ate supper. Put on pj's, went to bed. Thank you, Mr. O, thank you.

I ate
  • Dinner: Turned maizemeal, stewed apple bananas+mango juice, diced chocho+green bananas in sauce, fried red herring.
  • Snack: Grapefruit, ??, orange
  • Supper: Sardine, green banana+corn meal fish cakes, mango+banana+orange chutney.
I'm a huge David Letterman fan. I don't watch as often as I used to, and it seems he doesn't go out on the street as much as he did when he was younger. But once, he did this short where he kept passing through the same drive through lane at McDonald's, ordering crap and harrassing the workers. Finally he says "It's finally starting to happen. I'm finally beginning to annoy myself." I love that line! and secretly use it on myself fairly often. I betcha you wouldn't have thought that about me, but it's true. Sometimes I annoy myself.

Like now; that "maizemeal" thing bugs me. But I guess I had to entertain myself somehow, eh? "Turned maize meal" was what normal Jamaicans call "Turned Cornmeal". More sophisticated people call it "polenta". This actually reminds me of a story my boss told me. As I've said, he's from Alabama. His wife is from Rome, Italy. Being from the South, he knows about--and loves grits. He made me laugh one day by telling me how someone looked down their nose at him when he was talking about grits... and yet turned to his wife to say how much they loved polenta. "It's the same damn shit!" he said to me in his Southern drawl, and we fell out laughing. Poor people the world over know all about cornmeal. I guess you could call it the great bond...

Hey, I almost thought I'd get away without typing the word "sardine" but NOPE! We ate them, fried in a "fish cake".

And about that accident. I think I remember hearing the crash on the main road into Kingston, that was on the other side of Smelly Lake. The road was a two lane, narrow, winding road, and since it was a main road it was pretty busy most of the time. Ironically, there weren't that many accidents on it. *"J.O.S." stood for Jamaica Omnibus Service, which meant a regular, heavy bus as opposed to the "minibus" which generally was a church-bus type bus, usually packed to the rafters, without air conditioning and super smelly.

My weekly summary:

We fed the dogs this week tho I didn't mention it, because i'm catching up. A good week, even tho Baby died. I wrote to cousin C, because Aunt J and Cousin Shelly wrote T+mom. T extra fussy after Poppy told her not to be fussy. A good week. Thank you, Mr. O.


professor said…
I annoy myself all the time!!!!!

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