Living in the city, you don't always appreciate the power of Rain. It can be really inconvenient, and people curse it and throw up umbrellas, or stand in Subway entrances waiting for it to pass, anxiously tapping their feet. A sudden summer rain sends people running for cover, swearing all the while and holding newspapers over their head. And often, the rain and the darkness contribute to my depression, which is why I appreciate living out on the Rock surrounded by water, rather than living in the midst of the city. Because I get to see the power of rain, even if I'm feeling down. I can still appreciate it's beauty.

Summer rain is my favorite. Especially after a hot, sticky day like yesterday. I don't mind the heat; I love it actually. I love flip flops (or even better, bare feet) and cotton clothes and crinkly hair. But the older I get the less I can tolerate the humidity, and it was pretty nasty yesterday. So I appreciate that rain will sometimes clear out the humidity. It began to rain about 6:30PM in Yonkers, where I was with the Sun. (Uncly drove us up, waited for us and then drove us home to the Rock. I had to pay him $40, but at least it was comfortable.) I went downstairs into the rain to get wet, simply because I could. It felt great.

When it rains out here on the Rock, the sea turns grey, and little whitecaps dance in the Sound. The boats rock and sometimes if you're close enough to the water you hear the "clangclang" of the buoys or the sail rigging (and I'm no sailor, so I'm not even sure if that's what makes that noise... but I'd know it anywhere).

But the most miraculous part of summer rain is what it does to the greenery. I have a few plants on my deck... not as many as I'd like, and not even half as much as Neighbor upstairs. I water them every day, and give them fertilizer about once a week. But no matter how often I water or fertilize, nothing makes the plants and flowers burst with energy like rainwater. Even the trees in the park grow five inches, it seems like, and grow more leaves with just one simple downpour.

It's the most amazing thing...


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