The Wrong Underwear

I wonder if this is a uniquely female problem, the problem of the wrong underwear. I don't ever hear guys complain about this, and I've spent enough time working around guys where they are usually pretty "free" about things like this. I worked as an IT Tech for many years in the financial industry with a lot of young boys who, because I was older pretty much saw me as one of them and not anyone to "score" on. (I guess.) Plus I don't generally get freaked out about stuff like that unless it's pointed at me specifically. So I was privy to a lot of interesting "boy" conversations and I can't say I ever heard this come up.

But anyway. The wrong drawers. There is NOTHING worse than getting dressed in the morning and discovering a.) you're down to your granny panties with no elastic (which I make sure to never have happen to me... I have an over-abundant supply of underwear, and I do laundry regularly) or b.) putting on an outfit and getting out of the house and discovering the underwear are just wrong for the job.

My crazy friend (I have several but this one is particularly insane) once told me a granny-panty story about how she'd put them on with a skirt and no pantyhose (cuz she never wore any) and discovered once she left the house that the underwear were not going to stay up. And how they finally fell, literally around her ankles, while she was riding in an elevator. With a guy. And if I remember the story correctly (through a haze of belly-splitting hysterical laughter) a cute one at that.

My stories are much tamer than that, generally having to do with panty lines or being too tight for my fat ass. As I said, I do laundry religiously.

And today it's more of a rant... I had bought some Frederick's of Hollywood lacy boy shorts... nothing racy at all (I find FoH has decent every day underwear that's cheaper than good ol' Victoria's Secret. They fit decently but they do NOT last as long. And Vicky's are decidedly more comfortable). The grey weather and all that made me want to feel good about myself so I decided to wear them today. Well... they're a little small and low cut. And the pantyhose I have on are a little tight. So the pantyhose are dragging down the drawers and it's extremely uncomfortable.


It's going to be a long day. I did bring jeans--I picked them up from the cleaners this morning on the way in to work. I might change.


Momma said…
Oh girlfriend, I can so relate! I hate hate hate having the wrong drawers. I bought a pair of hipsters to go with some low-rise jeans and I hate them. They are always on the bottom of my underwear drawer. I will wear them in an emergency when the alternative is borrowing a pair from hubby, which so doesn't work.

Nice blog.
Ros said…
I hate boy shorts undies -- love the look, but for some reason they just crawl all over me and leave me tugging. See, I avoid some underwear problems by pitching anything that doesn't fit, and I haven't owned granny panties since I was 5. I can remember my Grandma taking me shopping in . . .Ohrbach's? in downtown Newark, and I found pretty nylon panties totally unlike the plain white Sears ones I had at home -- and that was it for granny panties!

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