Later that day...

...was still working on the newsletter for the Hospital, when the AD says she's looking for a photo of somebody. Was looking for my co-worker, the other designer--but she had just left. And my boss had left, too. It was about 4:30. So AD starts bitching that my boss left and that she'd asked him for the picture. And that his office was locked. The Vampire, who sits sort of catty corner to me in another cube piped up "I'll go in his office! I'll call security". So she does, and security came and she gleefully went into his office and into his computer.

Now, in some places this is done all the time. The problem with our department is that it's in the process of being dismantled, and factions are forming because everyone wants to stay on the good side of the Big Kahuna. Which I think is impossible, unless you're evil. Cuz that's a dangerous, evil bitch who doesn't know shit about what she's doing. And I'm really not being catty. There are certain terms and phrases and protocols that people in her position are supposed to know... and she doesn't know them. It's really scary. It would be funny if she wasn't high up on the food chain... and for whatever reason is "protected". And she's out for my boss. I don't think she likes his accent. I mean, I'm admittedly loyal to a fault; if you're good to me I'm loyal till it's proven I shouldn't be, and I can't find a reason for him to be on the "outs" like that, except for the fact that the Big Kahuna doesn't like him and everyone else is scared of her.

Anyway, I don't like the Vampire. Haven't liked her from the minute I laid eyes on her and make it my business to stay out of her way. The fact that she was in my boss' office like that almost made me sick to my stomach, cuz she was in there snoopin'. So what do I do? Do I tell? Do I stay out of it? I know Boss better put a password on his computer, that's for damn sure.

*sigh*. This is SO why I didn't want to freaking work full time. I hate this.

On top of everything else, it's cold as shit and grey as winter today. And muddy out here on The Rock; the city is tearing up the streets replacing 100+ year old sewage pipes.

I'm very depressed and trying not to let it show.

But I heard from someone interesting today, although it was only small talk and highly likely to not go anywhere. Actually don't want it to; was a bad time in my life, but nice to know he was listening...


Job said…
love love love your blog!

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