Something is *Seriously* Wrong in Our Society

What happened at Virginia Tech yesterday was awful. I can't even wrap my mind around it--I have no frame of reference. When I left work yesterday at 4P, the body count was at 22. When I watched the news later at 11P it was 33. Thirty-three people, gone. For no reason.

The fact that these massacres are getting worse is seriously disturbing. It was a joke, initially, when that first worker "went Postal". But it's so not funny anymore. It's alarming that to the best of my knowledge, they have all been male and often these massacres start with a shooting of a female. But it seems to cut across racial lines, except for the fact that also to the best of my knowledge, none have been African American. Unless you count what happened in Maryland, but he was on a "spree", and not in one institution.

I don't know. My gut senses video games and role-playing games have something to do with the ability to suspend reality like that, and the role-playing/video game thing seems, at least from my completely unscientific observation, to be a guy-thing. I fight the addiction in my Sun with the DS Lite, and the Gameboy, and the PS2. All of which I *severely* limit. IFKALP at one point wanted me to network the PS2 so that he and the Sun could play, but I patently refuse. I don't let the Sun play any networked games.

I've gone to the arcade and seen little boys hiked up on milk crates, playing some of the most violent games out. No, not every little boy turns into "psychokiller", and plenty of women and girls play these games, too... so I don't know what the missing link is. I don't know.

I do know that God help me to raise my Sun so that he does not fall ill to this sickness.

Heaven Help Us All. And safe passage to thirty-two souls as they travel to the light. That other one needs to go to the Dark Place.


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