And Speaking Of PerpetualMotion...

that is one funny kid. He'll make 18months this month of May, and is only now being weaned. Militant breastfeeding mommy that I am, I would have liked to see them go a little longer, but I gotta give it to the Diva (my niece, also sometimes referred to as Choclahontas), a 19-20 Year Old AfricanNativeAmerican girl with a great body and "thing" for body-conscious clothes to be a SAHM (stayathomemom) nursing mom for almost 18 months. That's quite an accomplishment, and PerpetualMotion positively hums because of it. Breastfeeding rates in minority communities are appallingly low, and I find that we have bigger problems showing our boobs to nurse than even your average uptight white, middle-class American, but boy, point a video camera our way and see how fast the clothes fly off.

It's a damn shame.

An online friend gave me the link to this wonderful blog by Jennifer James, called BlackBreastfeeding. I'm hooked already.


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