So maybe I'm not being ignored...

...but somebody's getting jerked around. And I'm not all that patient. *sigh*. Why is it that the good ones all have beeatchs? How come, as bitchy as I am... I can't be that manipulative? I could be, I guess, but it's so much damn work.

Work was weird. On the one hand, I got to put together the Hospital newsletter. On the other hand... Oh. My. God. If the AD isn't on Kolonopin soon, there's going to be trouble cuz her current meds aren't really working for her. The Vampire skulked around and got *real* hands-on about some dumb logo-callout type thing she was supposed to do and give to whoever was doing the newsletter (me). Nobody told me she was doing it; only that there needed to be a circle with text on the newsletter advertising the fact that the layout of the old newsletter was going to change. So I started making my own. My God, you would have thought I stepped on somebody's toes.

WHATEVER. It was painful. I'm trying, I really am. I went across the street at lunchtime to visit Poppy, who has dialysis in the center there, three times a week. I told him I don't think I'm going to last. It's too bad... the Hospital is convenient to the Sun's school, not too hard to get to from The Rock, and I get to visit Poppy three times a week but it's got such an awful vibe going now. When last I had to deal with a vibe like that I was making $80K a year, and I walked away from it because I hated going to work every day. I'll be damned if I have to deal with bad vibes for less than $80K.

The Boss knows someone was in his office, and had his suspicions confirmed. My Co-Worker says she's out. If they go, hell no I'm not staying. I got a call from the HR people at another Big Private Hospital, but I couldn't talk right then. Which SUCKS. I tried to call back later but it must have been lunch, so I'll try again Monday.

I really just want to be happy. I want to be peaceful. I want to go to work and do something I enjoy, and if at times people are intense, that's OK because that's what headphones are for. But this place is beyond headphones for me; I keep feeling like I need to hear who's coming up behind me. I've only been there about 6 weeks and it feels like forever.

I went to pick The Sun up from his after-school percussion practice. He seems to like it, which is cool. He's got a performance tomorrow. Kind of inconvenient cuz I'd unknowingly scheduled DirectTV to come in tomorrow to hook up my dish. So I can watch the final season of the Sopranos. I've already missed the first one; though Poppy taped it for me. Problem is I don't have a VCR. Isn't that amazing? Used to be everyone had one... don't you remember?

Well, I'm not being ignored but I'm being dumped. Was fun for the moment.


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