Pouring Rain Today...

Which I guess means spring is coming... sure doesn't feel like it though. I had a Parent's Association Meeting in the morning to which two people showed up, other than myself and the Pres, the Parent Services VP (who we forced to be nominated for President for next year), and the acting secretary.

Neither of the two ladies present were willing to be nominated for anything. Which sort of made me depressed. The core "executive board" has been in office for two years... we ran unopposed last year so I don't think it's cuz we're a dictatorship. Although at some point in the first year we were accused of exactly that. Last year we made a big deal about making changes to the by-laws so that we could have several VPs in charge of specific areas. So that not all the work would fall on one person. Well, slowly over the year people just dropped like flies. I truly hope it's not because of anything we did, because I'd be mortified. And yes, we wanted a lot, but it was for the greater good right? And we did get a lot accomplished. I would hate to see everything we built and fought for (and much as we love our principal she can be really hard to deal with sometimes) fall apart.

So that and the rain kind of got me down. And some other soul-searching internal crap that's going on... I really need warm and sun and t-shirts and barefeet. And a couple of Pow Wows. This cold-weather thing is getting really "old".

Oh, and I guess the world knows by now that Imus was dropped like a hot potato. Which I think is so hypocritical because it's not going to do a damn thing. It's not going to change any attitudes.

At work, nothing's really happening... I got some "busy" work and am working on the Hospital Newsletter (whoopee!) and I should do my resume but I keep thinking I should hang in here for a minute to see what shakes out. But I did place orders for the Sun's school T-shirt... I think they'll look pretty cool; tye dye with silk screen.


And I'm being ignored and I hate being ignored..... I am NOT a patient woman.


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