Here Comes The Rain Again....

Though so far, the mood isn't too bleak. I guess because it was sunny yesterday.

On the way home last night, The Sun and I were standing waiting for the bus that connects us from the IRT #6 train out to The Rock we live on. A police van pulled up on the triangular island of concrete the subway terminal sits on, as well as several bus stops. The men inside got out and had a conversation with a youngish, dark-skinned brother who was holding an open cell phone in his hand. There were three boys further up the the island, and they suddenly took off running. The police piled back in the van and took off after them.

They caught them somewhere around the corner, and brought them back in handcuffs, and pulled them all out of the van. The brother with the cellphone had a quiet conversation with the boys (no yelling or gesturing). The police then uncuffed the boys and let them go.

The Sun watched, fascinated. I laughed; whatever the cellphone brother had called them on, I betcha those boys think about it the next time they try it. Whatever it was they did. At least I hope so.

In other news, the Sun has been very reluctant to call and speak with his dad on the phone. I've learned to trust him, pretty much, because usually when he doesn't want to talk to his dad, his dad is on the dark side of his mood and gets very snappy and demanding with him. But I'm a little concerned, as this has been going on a few days. Since Monday, actually, when the Alec Baldwin thing broke.

My gut tells me that this has hit close to home for IFKALP, and instead of calling up The Sun and simply telling him he's missed, he's trying to force him into conversations. Which of course The Sun resists. So it's been a little uncomfortable.

And I'm to start formatting the next week's edition of the full-color employee newsletter, so let me get to that. *sigh*.


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