TGIF (#1- I'm sure there'll be others)

By the way. Despite the fact that I'm not going to re-list Robin Thicke as a current obsession, and I claimed I was over him... I lied. I'm not. He's hot. I bought the CD and boy... you really need some blue lights and thang to go with that voice...

I do hate having a job where I'm glad it's Friday. MY LORD! That place is nuts. They were stressing over an internal newsletter as if it were the "Person Of The Year" issue of Time Magazine! IT'S AN INTERNAL EMPLOYEE NEWSLETTER, FER CRYIN' OUT LOUD. The next question was... how many people does it take to publish such a thing??? Well, lets see. Two designers to try to squeeze text into a generic template that doesn't really work for us, two writers to "write" the stories (and mind you we're talking 500 words or less -- considerably less-- per story), two other writers to write headlines for the stories, one Vampire to "manage" the "Project" and one Big Kahuna to fuck it all up. Continuously. We were supposed to have a final tight proof by 4P this afternoon, but BigK didn't like any of her pictures and needed a re-shoot (she's going to be on the cover of the new look, dontcha know) and the special freelance writer hired to write *her* story hadn't sent over any copy.

You see what I'm saying?????

My boss was initially the one to "manage" this disaster, but as I've been saying, he's being squeezed out. He stayed till 4:30 yesterday. As soon as he left, BigBird came out and announced that the BigK wanted the Vampire to "sort of project manage". And that the BigK wanted to change the paper the newsletter is being printed on, so of COURSE(!) they had to break into boss' office again ("he shouldn't leave at noon!" they said sarcastically as they called the security guard to open his office--it was 5:12P) to get the paper sample book.

On the way home last night I called him; "Hey, if ya thought you were going to oversee this newsletter thing, GUESS AGAIN!". He was annoyed, but OK. Today I told him he actually got the better end of the deal, because it took all I had to keep my breaths flowin' free and easy as The Regime stressed and fluttered over EVERY stupid FUCKING detail.

I stop and ask myself: "Seriously, is this for real?"

I went over to see Poppy at lunchtime, brought him some fruit and vented a little.

Have to say; Poppy looks good. He's been cancer-free (bladder cancer) for about 8 years now, and on dialysis about that long. He's a little stooped as age catches up to him, but he's slender and spry and since he had his cataract surgery, can see just fine. Whereas his centermates look to be on the verge of various slow deaths. Some closer than others. Every so often I am possessed with the fear of losing him, but over the last few weeks as I see him in comparison to other dialysis patients, I think he's got at least another decade or so. At least I fervently hope so. I don't talk about or to Poppy all that much, considering, because Ma is definitely the hub. But Poppy is the infrastructure, and without him we'd all fall apart.

The Sun had his percussion practice today so I picked him up at 6P. Really didn't feel like cooking so we went to the little Diner out here on The Rock, and ate out. We don't eat out that often, and his big eyes twinkled as I let him drink a Coke and got him chicken fingers and fries. He told me about his day; how he told his teacher that he liked K (pretty little brown girl), and who liked who in his class, and who should go together because they were both annoying.

This is my life; discussing the love gossip of the 2nd-3rd grade, but I like it.

Oh, and I think I've decided against my bear for the next tattoo; my original thought was to have something reflect the Native part of my ancestry, and while I've adopted the bear, she's not from my tribe. So I think I'm going to use something from the Eastern Woodlands; like a vine, starting at the center of my lower back and sort of scrolling up the right side. It'll balance the Ghanaian arm-band tattoo that's on my left....

Obviously I'm in a better mood today, despite The Regime. There was a fair amount of sun. I can handle anything in the sunlight...


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