Got kicked out of a meeting today...

Cuz I had my sun and his freind in the office by themselves, while I went to attend this meeting. I wouldn't have left them if I thought they couldn't handle it or be disruptive. They have cell phones, afterall, and a game boy. And they're both good kids.

Regardless, the "Acting Director" pulled rank and wanted me to go back, which wouldn't have been a problem had she pulled me out to speak to me. But people around here are into intimidation. Which if anyone of you reading this out there knows me personally--that is the WRONG way to approach me. I immediately go into "Fight!" mode.

So, I'm back at the office with the kids, laying in wait for these people to come back. Then I plan on telling them, as civilly as I can, to never jump on me like that again. I'm only confident I can pull that off cuz the AD is a spineless wimp. It's all about being Pushed and Pushing Back.

So we'll see what happens :) Afterwards the kids and I are going to Times Square...


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