I've put this off a long, long time...

...this blog thing. Years, in fact. Mostly because I belong to a Yahoo group and usually have no problem posting all my drama, hopes and dreams there. The beautiful thing about a Group is the feedback and the support. My Group is really diverse, united only by the fact that we all nursed our kids. I love it; never felt the need for anything else but sometimes, well, ya just gotta rant about something and don't necessarily want an opinion :).

I always felt that blogs were a little bit of an ego-massage, but having crawled around "MySpace" hmmm, I think I like this better.

I suppose I'll need to flesh out "my profile" cuz it's the only way my life will make any kind of sense to anyone who happens to cross the Bear Maiden's path, so I'll start with that.

the Bear Maiden


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