The Right Underwear

I was happy to see I had a few comments submitted on my Underwear post - apparently it's a real chick problem we can all relate to.

So yesterday I wore my brand new Custo Barcelona shirt that I won on eBay. It was a small, but cut well and didn't look so bad. Except I was unhappy with the bra I had on underneath. And most of my Frederick's bras have sprung holes so that the underwire was poking though. Not happy about that at all. So I had sort of resigned myself to shelling out some dough for new gear.

I tell the Moon's mom. She's the friend of mine who only buys the finer things in life. It would cost her a fortune except I gotta say; that girl can smell a bargain 10 miles away, and is willing to go there to get it. She's the one *guaranteed* to find the one Gap in all of New York City that's selling some spectacular item for $1.99. She's the one that turned me on to Custo Barcelona on eBay.

She was going to the Westchester Mall today to return something to the Apple Store, and it was *beautiful* day in NYC so me and the Sun tagged along. Actually, the Sun had spent the night over there which sort of gave me a "me" night. Except the night was sort of interrupted but I don't feel like going into that right now. Anyway... I tell her I needed to try on bras. I realized... I don't think I've really tried on bras to really find the right one, since I stopped nursing. Yes, that was a long time ago, but you have to understand... there's been some serious drama in my life since then, and underwear was sort of low on the priority list. So I just sort of assumed a size and stuck with it.

Now, the Moon's mom is a huge fan of Oprah, and had watched this show Oprah did on getting fitted for a bra. She's been talking about it for years, but eh, it didn't mean much to me. Today, we go to Nordstrom's in the Westchester Mall and go into the underwear dept. She happily tells the saleslady her friend needed to be fitted. Saleslady was really nice, funny AfricanAmerican lady, reasonably young. She asked me first what size I thought I was, so I told her the last time a bra fit me well I was a 34D, but that was before the kid.

So she measures me, goes and gets a bra, and with very little adjustment, voila, the boobs are where they should be, which ain't necessarily where they've been hanging out lately. She didn't tell me what size it was until she was sure it was the right fit, which was smart. Since when she told me 34DDD I choked.

And of course the bra that fit the best was the ridiculously expensive one. I ended up buying it cuz I like my t-shirts, and I'm tired of big ones. Especially if the belly flattens out this summer, which is something I'm trying to work on. So long story short and $200 later, I have bras that fit well. *sigh*. Granted, I went to good old Victoria's and got two that were only a DD, but it's better than what I've been wearing.

So that's my underwear saga for the day. I'm still trying to get over it.


Momma said…
Darlin, how dare you show me t-shirts that retail for $130!! :-)
They are gorgeous. I bet you look fantastic.
The Bear Maiden said…
LOL. That's why eBay ROCKS. They cost a fraction of that on eBay. Well, for now, till word gets out ;).

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