Today Sucked

...really really badly. Easily one of the shittiest days I've had in a while.

The only time I left the house was to take the garbage out of the hall and put it in the alley, for the most part my child refused to leave the couch or put clothes on, it fucking rained, every one had somethin' to do but me and I got dressed for no fucking reason whatsoever.

The voices are screaming, the fridge is bare, every time I open up Quicken all my bills blink red and I've been alone, well except for the couch potato, all day.

My apartment is overwhelming again, I think I lost weight which would seem like a good thing except nothing fits including my bras, and what weight is left is solidly in my middle.

I watched the fucking fireworks on TV.

I am not a happy bitch at the moment, and I really need for this day to be over, but it keeps dragging on and on...


professor said…
im sorry the day sucked so bad...I didn't do anything special...just took ma to get the dog didn't seem to want to go cause I truly would've come to get you.

when I was in this situation you would tell me that God will take care of me and it would be ok...well, God will take care of you and it will be's not ok today, and probably not tomorrow but it will be ok in the near future...

I watched the fireworks on tv too and had to close the window cause the ghetto was blazin...

tomcats do come and go, but if God wants this to happen, this tomcat will languish on the couch...keep your head up and know that all this has been written...just sit back and let it unfold...
professor said…
...and shit, I must have picked up the weight you lost...
Fat Lady said…
I'm so sorry you had a crappy 4th. At least it's over now.

If it helps you feel any better - mine wasn't a big thrill. I woke up late, was a couch potato for hours, dragged myself to the family homestead about an hour and a half late - which held some people up who I should NOT be holding up. Ate a little and then stretched out on the couch and fell asleep until it was time to go home.

This pneumonia is kicking my ass and I don't like it.

Then, trying (and failing)to see a little more fireworks, we got caught in traffic and it ended up taking almost 3 hours to get home.

Which gave me plenty of time to sit in the car and think about how horribly I'm deluding myself if I don't think my ass is about to be in serious financial straits.

And I won't even go into the complete and utter breakdown I had the other night when I realized that NO aspect of my life is even vaguely together.

Keep working out. The middle will come off. That's what weight does when you lose it through exercise, it redistributes itself and gets weird and then it just disappears. And bring your ill-fitting clothes over here and we'll figure out how to alter them on my sewing machine.
i would die with a bare frig
just wanted to say have a safe weekend
The Bear Maiden said…
Mr. T LOL on the bare fridge. I think that's a manthing. My kid is none too happy about it either.

Professor and Fat Lady, I'm trying. As you will see I'm better today. And yeah, I'll come and do alterations. I miss you, for one thing.

Shoefly said to me that part of the belly thing is age, and she's right... and I'm also have big issues with age these days for some reason. Maybe I need to leave them strollers and bassinettes alone :).

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