is an interesting thing. Every year, the night the fast begins I have a nightmare that I've eaten something. Last night it was a dream that someone was making skirt steak and had asked me to take it of the oven or something, and I broke off a piece to taste it. And realized with horror that I had broken my fast.

Whew! What a relief to wake up and realize it was a dream....

This year wasn't that hard for me, aside from the caffeine-withdrawal induced headache I developed about noon... but I think it was more from lack of sleep and the heat, because Exedrin knocked it right out. Sometimes by 4P I'm an evil beeatch, and by 6:30 I'm ready to cave but this year I made it to the end without much difficulty.

The Sun made it to 12 noon before he needed a fruit cup. I didn't push him longer at all, but found it amusing that there have been mornings when he won't go feed himself, and by the time I get around to it it's almost 1PM. See, I've set up cereal so he can get it himself, but he won't... lazy kid... preferring to lounge on the red sofa with his legs in the air watching TV. But anyway...

I didn't go to sleep the night before until 5 or so, and so slept really late. So it took me a minute to get up, and then I sat around at the computer getting ready to get annoyed about things and all of a sudden I had company... sort of like The Kiss coming home on Party Day and rattling the window.

*sigh*. Totally took me by surprise.

So we had company, the Sun and I, for a little while. And my Lord... if ever a person was a cat... this one is.

After awhile the TheCat took off to do CatThings, and the Sun and I hung out some more till the family came up. The family altogether always rattles me for some reason... so much energy compressed into such a tiny family but I would never have it any other way. The Professor and Bigbear took over the kitchen, and wondered why I didn't come in to make chicken salad, but I just couldn't... they are just too big personality--wise so I prefer to leave the kitchen to them, instead sitting with the Diva and swapping stories. MMB was completing her first fast ever, and was doing very well and was pretty pleasant. TinyOne was his usual energetic, sticky self. He repeats absolutely everything the Sun does or says... sometimes stopping whatever it is he's doing to do so. At the end of the evening he wanted to stay... which was actually a first. And if I weren't supposed to be doing some work that I've left to the last minute, I would have let him.

But of course there's something I need to do that I haven't been "feeling" and have put it off... am still putting it off...

We read the Bible all together, which was nice. Poppy joked how short our service was compared to when we were kids... but it has to be "to the point" or the Sun starts twirling around on my drawing stool, and TinyOne starts throwing things or slamming doors.

We broke our fast at 8:29, and the fam hung out for a bit before heading home.

It was a good day.


5 as in am, u need yo butt whupped

take care hon ok
The Bear Maiden said…
Yeah..... the voices keep me up sometimes :)

Love the new profile picture....

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