Just in Case

...I don't get to write later today or early tomorrow, cuz things should speed up now, a lot's happening in the next 24 hours.

My Sun, my heart my soul is leaving to go with his dad for two weeks. To say I'm gonna miss him is an understatement. I can't even think about it... and it's why I'm thinking about the next big thing to happen in the next 24 hours....

I'm going to Vegas with the TomCat. Yeah, I've heard all the jokes. Lots of 'em. We've even had a few ourselves.

We're all flying out on the same flight with some dude named Tommy, who I've spoken with and is a really nice guy. And then I turn over my peanut, my heart, my soul to his dad for two weeks, and TomCat and I will hang out in LA a night with his cousin, and then take off for Vegas in a car. Him driving slow, he says, cuz that's how he's driving these days.

The Sun has been at Auntie's these past two nights, giving me freedom to roam my apartment all night and yesterday when I spoke to him he really wanted to come home... but he stayed and Auntie Professor tamed the beast via cornrows so I'm glad about that. I hope, really truly hope, that TF keeps them in this time.

As for me... Vegas is gonna be interesting. One time I went away with this dude to Jamaica. We had a great time but I discovered that as big as he was, he was a scaredy cat about everything, and a little high maintenance, and when we got back I kinda abused him, emotionally. Because I could. And because at that time I was in a really bad place. The next time I went away with a dude, I ended up living with him for 4 years. TF and I, by the time we got to go away I was already pregnant and we had already been fighting each other for two years. It was a relief that we didn't fight that trip, but I think it was because Poppy was there.

But I know going away with someone can sometimes make or break what you're feeling towards each other. Personally, I'm feeling OK about the whole thing, despite moments of panic that he wasn't OK about the whole thing. He assured me he was...

The thing of the day that I like about TomCat is that so far, he absorbs my crazies. He doesn't seem to have it drain him too much, either. It's kind of a relief.

Us going away helps to alleviate the pain of being away from our children (cuz his is away, also)... by the time I get back there's a pow wow to go to and a logo to begin to design and a meeting, and maybe some redoing of the apartment... and then my Sun my life my heart will come home.

I'm really going to miss him...


Land family said…
I feel for you-I know you're going to miss him terribly.
rawdawgbuffalo said…
off post : RundmC is the shit
professor said…
she is safely on the plane folks...
Jacqueline said…
thanks for letting us know that, professor. Would you let us know when they land and that the Sun is safe as well? Good grief. It's going to be a loooong two weeks.
MoodMagicBarbie said…
oo man auntie i miss him 2..
thats my little baby
except he's almost bigger than me now
but dont worry ive been praying
for him.
and you

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