Reality Bites

I've been around the block enough to know when a chick feels threatened; like her spot is about to be blown up. That's something men don't really understand.

I've done my dirt in my day... and sometimes it's not that I was doing dirty, but had the misfortune of falling for someone previously occupied. But I am always amazed how quickly a chick can sniff out another chick on the scene, even if she's not really sure something's up. It may be that she suddenly gets the urge to call her man. But when you're the other chick, it gets to be kinda freaky how EVERYTIME you're with the man in question, the BigBitch on the scene decides to call. And the more intense, the more frequent the phone calls/text messages.

It also amazes me how often guys think they are the ones in control, but are really being manipulated by some chick.

So the other day my SpideySense began to go off... like somebody somewhere is beginning to feel a tad bit threatened. Nothing I can rationally put my finger on... just my gut going off and I have learned to trust my gut. But it pissed me off because it means things may not be exactly as they seem.

And it's making me really jumpy. Like White-Tail-Deer-Ass-In-The-Air jumpy, cuz Lord knows I've had more drama in my life than I can take...

and I'm getting the urge to flee... cuz I've no fight left in me at all....

reality fucking bites.


Carmen said…
OK enough you're going to stop dwelling and freaking out. GET YOURSELF TOGETHER! and enjoy the moment ad what it is is you new what was going to happen. So just enjoy the moment and have fun be selfish and take what you can for yourself act like a man! You know that's what I would do but then again I have a bitch gene and I'm extremely selfish oops sorry it's about your issues not mine... OOps That's the Leo speaking not the caring friend.
Jacqueline said…
nuh uh. So now ur sayin' there's another female in the picture for TheCat? Do NOT run. If I'm reading this correctly, that would be between THEM. Not you and the other female. Step back. Think of the connection you and TheCat have made, hold to that. Take a deep breath. We're here for you. BTW, is your cell phone Verizon, by any chance?
The Bear Maiden said…
LOL for carmen to come out of the woodwork is pretty deep.

And jacqueline, well, he IS a TomCat.

And me... I'm just not good at this. Don't trust what I feel anymore, which is the major problem. And no, I've got Sprint... (which sux btw).

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