Hola, from Space

Cuz I see folks still check in on me. How nice!

I have stuff to write, but I been busy, you see. But my long post is in the works.

My short post is... it's hot, it's summer, and bossy people annoy the fuck out of me, especially ones that take over shit that isn't theirs to take over.

Only I can do that.

Hopefully I can get that other, more interesting one.... the one I know you all are waiting for, up later in the day.


professor said…
we are waiting with bated breath
Regina said…
yes, waiting...
Nina said…
That's right, we're checking in! Glad you're checkin' on the checkin'. :)

Plus, you're playing a couple of my all-time favourite tunes today! Woo-hoo, thanks. :)
what u trying to get rid of me on purpose lol

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