My blog is a little over a year old now... and every so often I look over old posts just to see if I've grown any.

Uh, no.

I'm still bitching about the stuff I was bitching about in December. Embarrassing.

The biggest thing is being broke. But on the other hand, I have been unemployed since October, and all things considered... I've held on. Despite always thinking I'm at rock bottom, I just discovered I haven't really hit rock bottom till about now. And I'm going to Vegas anyway. Which just goes to show you... I do anything I really want to.

The second thing is relationships. Or the lack of one or my fear of one. I gotta stop that. It's embarrassing. What is it I so proudly quoted on my list of things to help survive the dark days? "Quityerbitchin'?" Argh. I gotta quit bitching.

My apartment is still messy, but I DID fix my room up better than it was... it at least feels like a bedroom now and is pretty comfortable.

I wanted to write this incident cuz it cracked me up.

The Moon is a very funny little kid. He doesn't readily try new things, isn't particularly daring or open minded. But he's not whiny about it, and he's also pretty unapologetic. It's a known fact among us that he doesn't like things that require him being suspended in air, or dragged behind boats, and it took him forever to learn to ride a bike. Or use his two-wheeled skateboard. And when he got good on the thing, he fell and broke his wrist and he claims he still rides the thing but I've yet to see him do it again.

Anyway, one thing he refuses to do is get on the Skyfari at the Bronx Zoo. It's this suspended cable-car "ride" that goes across the zoo. I love the thing myself, and dragged the Sun on one year. I think the Moon went very reluctantly, if in fact we even got him up there.

Anyway, today while we were eating dinner, I saw the news that the Skyfari's electric system had shut down, suspending almost a 100 children and adults in the air. For HOURS. I had half a mind to turn the channel so the Moon wouldn't see the news and freak out, but instead I pointed it out to him. "Look," I said, "the Skyfari stopped working." He looked at the TV and merely said quietly "I always knew the Skyfari wasn't a good idea".

It cracked me up. And Shoefly, too, cuz she called me later, hysterically laughing. She said he'd told her about the story, right away, but in a very understated manner. Just simply, it was never a good idea....


professor said…
and you laughed at my paranoia
Lovebabz said…
Hey Bear Maiden,

Happy Anniversary of sorts...

Hey if nothing else you have been consistent!

Shoot you un-nerved me with this story about the skyfari....darn. I will think twice before jumping on now...darn. LOL!
The Bear Maiden said…
LOL. Yeah Professor I guess you were right. It's funny though, how that thing never bothered me. And I'd probably do it again.

Hi, lovebabz... you're right. I have been consistent and that's a pretty cool accomplishment. And LOL about Skyfari... unless of course you're one of the folk who got stuck up there...

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