Wednesday, October 12, 1977

New Moon Day, the day I grow up.
Day 1
Psalm 135

Got up medium. Before dressing, I () and made a pepe, and found out I started my period! I had to wipe before I realized it. Dressed, and put on my last Safex. Went out. Got some more napkins - "Confidets". Changed. Reassured. Mom started to cook. Pops went out. He came back. This morning I gave Susie to T. Ate dinner. Going to put on p.j's, change my napkin, watch T.V. and go to bed, Thank you, YHWH.
I ate:
  • breakfast: Chocolate wafers, 1 toffee, 1 juju, 1/2 banana
  • Dinner: curried chicken, rice, celerly stix, carrot stix, cucumber, romaine lettuce
  • snack: 1 pear, p.nuts, banana slices, apple slices
OK, first: BWAHAHAHA. My Lord, but did I think my life was gonna change. Secondly, I'm fairly certain Poppy took this picture of me that day.

"Safex" was a brand from Jamaica. I'd been excitedly expecting my period for about a year, and had carried those Safex around for awhile. Periodically, I'd get curious and pick them apart, which is why I only had one left.

As for Susie... I already posted that story here, and there's no need to repeat it.


S.K. said…
When you said Juju I was like " jamaican juju?"

I don't mess with that safex. My mom (I'm jamaican btw) would tell me stories about the stuff and how she thought it was killing. LOL!!! I get my craziness from her.
The Bear Maiden said…
LOL! Probably an equivelant of Jamaican Juju since we were here then.

LOL again about the safex.

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