I Knew It Wasn't Over...

I have to go to court today! Why? Cuz TheF*cker couldn't/wouldn't/didn't make any attempt to sign or negotiate a proposed visitation agreement.

I TOLD them he was crazy. I TOLD them he wasn't going to do it. I TOLD THEM he was irrational and vindictive and that he only does what he wants to do. Did they believe me? NOOOOOOOO!

Good thing I don't have a job - God is good. Or this would have been my last personal day and I would have been PISSED THE FUCK OFF to use it for this! More than I already am, I mean.

And I only found out last night that I had to go... Well, sing with me...

Hi ho, Hi ho
It's off to court I go...


Update: 11:30P

It ain't over. I kinda felt bad for TF's lawyer... he said "I don't think his number works. I've tried him several times and gotten no answer". The LG concurred. Huh. Funny thing. The Sun spoke with him twice last night at that same number. So no, he's not coming today cuz he didn't say he was.

So, we've been adjourned. My lawyer had jokingly said last night, when I realized I had to be there this morning and that he wasn't going to be there, "well, maybe we can get his petition dismissed". OOOOOOH NO! I told her this morning... I NEED a visitation agreement. It's the WHOLE FUCKING REASON I went to court in the first place... to get an OP so that when I told him he couldn't come get his kid whenever the hell he felt like it, and bring him back whenever the hell he felt like it (regardless of anything I had planned, where I was, what my feelings or schedule was), he couldn't come bust down my door again. But instead of filing for visitation, he filed for sole, physical custody. And who knew that since we'd never been married, custody was a "grey area" according to the law????? So that's why were in court for 5 years... for custody. Well, he wasn't going to get it, which everyone says they knew.... and I knew too but life is strange and you just never know.

You fuck up something small and the judge has a bad day and BAM you don't have your kid. So I wasn't taking any chances, and threw myself into the custody battle the best way I knew how.... guns blazing and fangs bared. But custody wasn't why I went in there in the first place.

It would be REALLY FRIGGIN' IRONIC if, after all this time, they threw out a visitation petition. I'd go nuts.

But... all that happened today is that it got adjourned. And it got adjourned, conveniently enough, to a day that there is a parent/teacher conference, so perhaps that will be an incentive for him to come up. Or maybe he can just sign the friggin' thing and be done with it.

I couldn't stop laughing though. I kept saying to Lawyer..."Hate to say 'I told you so, but I told you so'" and when the LG and TF's lawyer asked the judge if a faxed signature would be sufficient, I whispered to her... "Good luck with that. I hope so but I doubt it" and she whispered back laughing "I believe you".



Janet said…
BFF...Sorry, and you're right...God is good! He knew you needed time :)

Thinking of ya!
Ros said…
Doncha just love 1) being right about TF 2)being able to SHOW you were right 3) how God's plans work out? I just love when we catch glimpses of the pattern of the universe. Hey, what if you let the judge call from Sun's cell? :-D (evil laughter here)
Jacqueline said…
unbelieveable. just unbelieveable.
it never ends...

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