I hadn't forgotten... just hadn't had time. And we didn't miss much--for a few days all I wrote was:

Monday, October 3, 1977
Psalm 126
Got up medium. Don't remember much. I think we went out.

Tuesday, October 4, 1977
Psalm 127
Got up medium. Don't remember much. Might have gone out.

Wednesday, October 5, 1977
Psalm 128
Don't remember much. Might have stayed home.

Thursday, October 6, 1977
Psalm 129
I don't remember much. I think we stayed home today.


Friday, October 7, 1977
Psalm 130

Got up medium. Dressed. Aunt Sinah came and we went to Sarah Lawrence College, Mom's old school. Saw a man named J. Papaleo. He was nice. He's pink. He taught at Fieldston, and now teaches at Sarah Lawrence. Went to Cross Counting, passed a circus. It goes to Sunday. I hope we go, but I don't think so. Oh, well. Came back. Ate. Went to bed after T.V. Thank you, Mr. O.

Funny thing about Papaleo... that he taught at Fieldston, was Poppy's mentor, and then ended up where my mom went to college. He was instrumental in Poppy ending up teaching there. He passed away a few years back.

Saturday, October 8, 1977
Psalm 131

Got up late. Dressed. Had Sabbath School. Watched T.V. ate. Rested. Got up. Watched T.V. T+Pop fussed. Put on p.j.s after taking a bath. Ate a snack. Watched. T.v. No "Bionic Woman", because of baseball. Went to bed. Aunt Sinah called. Thank you, Mr. O, for everything.
This morning, cousin-Aunt N_ (called). P_is 13, and K_is in college.

Aunt N is my mom's family... a first cousin I think. They were SUPER light-skinned. They make my mother look downright redbone. Cousin K had blonde hair. They were always friendly enough, but they never had much to do with us...

And I wasn't quite up on baseball yet... but "The Bronx was Burning", and Reggie was shining...

So... all caught up on 1977. Now I just have to finish sorting out 2007. Believe it or not I have posts sitting in my "draft" folder, but it's still too convoluted...


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