Sunday, October 30, 1977

Psalm 3
Day 19

Got up medium. Dressed. Mom cooked. Pops phoned Aunt Sinah. We ate. Watched TV. Then rested. Got up and went to Grand Union. Outside, we saw of all people W_ R who is now Mrs. Hunter.

We knew W_ R early in Jamaica, when we first got there. I was about 5. I don't remember much about how we met or how we knew her, or who she was the friend of. I do remember that she was a fairly attractive brown-skinned woman who had a house up in the hills beyond Kingston. She invited us there, and somehow my mom didn't go... just me and Poppy. I remember that she had guava trees in her yard, which fascinated me. I ate some... I remember a yellowish skin ??? and deep red flesh.

I also remember that for some reason, she decided to walk around in her underwear... a white bra and panties. In front of me. In front of Poppy. It floored me and I remember telling my mother, bewildered that someone would do something like that. Bigbear has an odd sense of humor. I remember her laughing her ass off. And that we never went to Winnie R's house again.


Carrie said…
You remember correctly -- strawberry guavas have yellow skin (when ripe) and bright pink/red flesh. And tons of tiny hard seeds!

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