Saturday, October 1, 1977

Psalm 124

Got up medium. Dressed. Had Sabbath School. Watched TV. Ate lunch. Took a nap. Don't remember much more.

Sunday, October 2, 1977

Psalm 125

Don't remember much. Got up medium. Dressed. Aunt Sinah took us to the Harlem Literacy Festival. Mom showed her work. Nobody bought anything. from us, but Aunt Sinah bought us some books and things. Coming back, we went to Aunt Ellen's house, and met her grandchildren T_ and Sh_. Came back, and went to bed.

The weekly summary only said "Unfortunately, I don't remember."

Aunt Ellen lived in New Rochelle, in an old Tudor that sat on a corner. We went there frequently that fall. It seemed so far away from the Gramercy Park Hotel. I don't remember the exact address of it, but on my weekend supermarket runs with UNN1, we often drive through New Rochelle. Once, I suddenly realized that I was looking at that same house. It was kind of a freaky feeling. Aunt Ellen's grandchildren actually lived in Woodstock, but they came down regularly to visit. They were pretty nice kids. I wonder whatever happened to them.

10/2 update: I found out what happened to T_. He's a millionaire... started a company that helps poor farmers in another country produce organic fruit and veggies. Pretty funny.


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