Halloween 2007

We never participated in Halloween until I was in High School. And it wasn't so much about the candy, as it was about the costumes. In my HS, costumes were a BIG DEAL, and the kids would come in costumes they made. Some were extremely elaborate. My senior year I went as a Hershey's Kiss in a costume I'd made with Bigbear's help, and my best friend went as a bag of Peanut M&M's.

Then I didn't dress up again until I moved out here to the Rock; they had a costume contest in the bar I hung out in. My favorite costume was when I went as Storm from the X-men... only it was well before the movie and nobody knew who the hell I was.

Which is kind of what happened tonight, for the Sun. He wanted to be Gaara, the Sand Demon from the anime comic Naruto. So we looked at pictures and I found stuff to make his costume. Only about three people on the entire Rock (aside from the Moon, I mean, knew who he was. Funnily enough, the one kid who knew right away is Japanese.

Halloween was always a big deal out here; we had a little parade that would start in the park across from my apartment, walk four or so blocks down to the gas station, turn right, walk towards the deadend street, turn right, walk past the cemetery to the old elementary school, turn right and walk down the hill and end up on the same block that we started out on. The parade was growing, and I guess the police didn't want to come out here so they shut it down.

So the energy level was low this year... and I did miss the parade but I took Sun and Moon trick or treating, and they had a blast.

The Sun WAS Gaara... I suppose I should be a little concerned about his fascination with dark characters... but then again I had a mad crush on Darth Vader for the longest time...

In other news... been hanging out with the Fat Lady, trying to brainstorm our way into something we can work at that will pay bills and keep us from working regular jobs. I much prefer not having a job... but I SO HATE not having money.

My love life.... eh... just concentrating on living by what I wrote, because that's basically all there is and all there ever will be.

I have a cold and feel like crap.

The Diva is not living up to expectations, and the Professor is growling, the ex-boyfriend/babydaddy filed for custody and paternity and so I went with the Diva to my all-time favorite place, Bronx Family Court (NOT!) to help her file a cross-petition. Which she couldn't do for various reasons, mainly cuz she'd left the BD's papers on the kitchen table.

I told the Diva now was the time to button her self up and pull her shit together, or she'd be in BFC like me once a month for the next 5 years. Wavin' "hi" to the court officers. (When I said to one of them "It's not me today!" he busted out laughing. That's a damn shame.) I have faith in her, and in the fact that in the long run, she'll be OK. But right now she's giving me a heart attack and I just can't deal with any of it, not Bigbear, not the Professor, none of it. I freely admit I'm hiding out on my rock.

But whatever.

This too, shall pass...


Janet said…
Great costume! Glad you had a good evening.

Sorry to hear about the Diva's struggle :( She's a strong girl and you're right...she'll be OK. She's got great examples!
Jacqueline said…
LOVE the costume! forget what you-know-who said! has the Sun spoken with him recently?

OT - how come your blog has more hits on it in 3 months than mine has in over 2 years??????????

The Bear Maiden said…
LOL. I guess people like to see that other people can be more crazy than them ;) I make people feel "normal". Ha ha!

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