Sunday, October 23, 1977

Psalm 146
Day 12

Got up late. Showered, dressed. Watched TV. Then all 4 of us went to the Rahns, and picked up some used clothes. Came back. Did some shopping. Came home. Mom cooked. We watched TV and ate. Pops went to make a phone call. Watched "The Incredible Journey" Put on pj's. Went to bed. Thank you, Mr. O.

The Weekly Summary merely said: "A good week. A late night dinner." and a picture of some horses I drew.

We were picking up a lot of used clothing. It seems like a lot, but we each only had one duffel bag of clothes, or less than that even, when we first arrived.

As opposed to the two closets of clothes I now have, plus God-knows-how-many pairs of shoes and boots, and a coat closet so packed with coats I can't even store the crap I need to store in there... like toilet paper and paper towels. Hmmm. Maybe I should go take care of that now, while I'm home thinking about it...


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