Tuesday, August 30, 1977

Psalm 92

Got up medium. We are on the plane, I'm catching up. Dressed. Pops went to town after last minute packing. Mom didn't tell us what was going to happen this evening and tomorrow, but T. guessed -- going to spend a night at Caleb's and leave tomorrow. Ate, after cooking and hearing "Strange Homecoming" the last time. Rested. Caleb family came, and we saw Greta over to dear Speedy and said good bye. Saw Mrs. Mathis.

We ate:
  • Dinner: Rice, corn beef+gungo pea sauce, lentils (stewed), sliced pear.
  • Supper: 1/3 pancake (big) + pancake syrup, 3 ju jus, 3??
"Gungo" peas are what my Puerto Rican friends call "Gandules", or pigeon peas. A "ju ju" was a hard jelly candy--the kind that stick in your teeth and don't really taste as good as they look.

I have pretty much blanked this all out... which is OK since I wrote it down. Having it written jogs the memory a little. The professor tells me she remembers all this in vivid detail. I don't remember being sad then... but I feel so sad reading this now...

I don't think we really could have stayed in Jamaica, living that way. I do believe in God--something I say frequently. But I do believe He knew it was time for us to go... the animals were dying and slowly starving (though we didn't mean it... we just fed them what we had or could afford which was generally pig food), that lake was probably deathly polluted... and what would have happened as the Professor and I got older? I think it would have changed over from "interesting way of living" to "OK, downright fucking strange".

I do vaguely remember spending the night at the Calebs, and being crowded into the daughter's bed along with her and the Professor. I remember being "stuffy" (having a mild asthma attack) and not really being able to sleep.

I barely remember turning Greta over to Speedy. I loved that little dog. I hope he took good care of her.


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