Saturday, August 20, 1977

Psalm 83

Got up medium. Showered, dressed. Read the Bible and my new book "The Seeds and Other Stories" written in China that Pops got me yesterday. Heard "Colgate Cavity Fighter's Club." Ate. Rested and read. Heard the "Heineken International" race, Harlequin, my choice won from Sheer Joy, Jungle Prince and Roca. Saw Speedy. Washed, put on pj's. Pops went out at 8:00pm. He came back. Ate. Went to bed. Thank you, Mr. O.
We ate:
  • Breakfast: 1 banana, 1/4 Ortanique
  • Dinner: Butter beans+cucumber+tomato+sweet pepper+carrot salad, carrot+sweet pepper strips, banana+peanuts+(?) pepper chutney, 1/4 ortanique, 1/2 orange
  • Supper: cornmeal+oil+salt
  • Snack: peanuts, tomato +butter beans + sweet pepper.

The top photo is what you would see if you looked out our back door. There was sort of a barbed wire fence and a few fence posts, but it was more to mark the edge of the yard than to keep anyone in or out. We would walk through all that brush, sort of bearing to the right, and that would take us to the beach. We'd walk along the beach for a bit, then come up through the yard of the club up at 9 mile, if I remember right. From there we'd get to the road and walk into town.

The bottom photo was our home. Leeward Close. The professor actually remembers the house number--was it 66? That little round bush in the front, I'm pretty certain, was a lignum vitae, the National flower of Jamaica (I never did understand the logic of that tree being the national "flower" of Jamaica). The mountain in the back is Sugar Loaf.


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