It Appears

...that The Sun and TF are on the move; they cannot be stalked located.

I have the flight number. I'm gonna go home and get my papers in order...


Audrey said…
Godspeed. He'll be home with you very soon. We're all thinking about you and are there in spirit.
RHIA said…
Please keep us updated as much as you can. I will be waiting up with you, as will others, I know. PV's for strength and calm to you. You are stronger than that f*ker and you are in the right. The law is also on your side. Be strong. Pnutbutter is coming home.
LisaJ (XPM)
Nina said…
I've been monitoring the situation. :) Can't wait to hear your next update. There is so much I could say to you... just know I've been with you the whole time, and still am.
Peace and Love,

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