Friday, August 5, 1977

Psalm 67
Got up at 6:30 a.m Temp was 37.1 (
Celsius).Thank you. Dressed. T+Pop went to biscayne. Stayed with Mom. Neal came. He had a cold. Didn't bother him with my note. Felt (??). Helped with fire. Heard "Strange Homecoming." Ate. Rested. Some old beastly men came to bother Papa. Heck. T not feeling well. I'm better. Thank You. Fed Greta & Guerly. Showered. Put on pjs. Thank You, Mr. O. Ate supper. Heard "Dulci". Went to bed. Thank you Mr. O, Thank You.

Saturday, August 6, 1977
Jamaica Independence Day (1962)

Bustamante Dies

Psalm 68
Got up medium. A relapse today. Spent a lot of time on the bed. Listened to a few races. Bustamante died at noon.

The "Beastly Men" weren't particularly mean to us... but they made Poppy upset. I still don't remember Neal!

Well, folks, as of this evening we'll be (God willing) on a plane to Orlando, and won't be back in our own beds until Monday, the 6th, Jamaican Independence Day. And so I shall pick up the Tale From La Vida Low Budget then. I should have packed some black, green and gold to wear my Jamaican colors on the plane back, but seeing as how I'll be in Florida, I might be able to find something down there...

But stay tuned... I might send some pix from my Treo (hey! I'm getting a new one! The Sun and I are switching to Sprint because it has "Family Locator" --gps-- service) while I'm there.

Enjoy the weekend!


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