Monday, August 1, 1977

Psalm 63

Got up medium. Dressed Pops had a fever*. Helped with fire. Ate rested. Got up. Walked Greta and Guerly. Sat on roof. Put on pj's, ate supper. Heard "Dulci". Went to bed, Thank You, Mr. O, Thank you.

*Heard "Strange Homecoming"

Tuesday, August 2, 1977

Psalm 64
Got up medium. Dressed. Went to Biscayne with Moma. T. stayed with Pop. Came back.Help with fire. I made sardine rice and stewed fruit. ate and rested. Played around in evening., fed Greta+Guerly. Put on pj's, ate supper, heard "Dulcimina." Went to bed. Thank You, Mr. O, thank you.

Nothing much happened this week, and as I said, I didn't write down what we ate. I guess I was a little bored... maybe things were too mundane?

In the PresentDay, the Sun and Moon, and Shoefly and I are going to Sea World in Orlando, Florida. I probably won't be able to post; I'm certainly NOT taking my old diary on vacation with me. So I'm going to "double-up" days for the next few, so that we don't miss anything. 'Kay?


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