The Nanopet

Remember Nanopets? This GPS thing I've got going "Family Locator", is kind of like watching a NanoPet. Only, sometimes when the Nanopet is out of range, you feel a little freaked.

I talked to the Sun. Yesterday, I had to text his father, because by 1A the Sun still hadn't called to say Goodnight. I had talked to him briefly earlier, and he'd told me how they sat on the runway for two hours, so they got to CA really late. But I wanted to hear him before he went to sleep, and was highly annoyed that at 10P CA time, I hadn't. And his phone was off. I was extra polite; said "please" and "thank you" which is something is father NEVER does when he contacts me. I'd also had two margaritas (no where near as good as in Orlando) so I was completely bold.

To give him credit, his father had the Sun call right away. He even texted me back to let me know he was still up, and that I could call his cell. Sun said his battery had died.

I woke up this morning from a nightmare. In my dream, the Sun was with his dad, and I'd gone to where he was to get him to visit for a little while before I brought him back. His father found out and began to rant and rave and threaten bodily harm, the way he used to when something pissed him off. I was scared, and snuck the Sun back, hoping to end it but of course it didn't. Also somewhere in the dream, the Prof and I found some papers indicating that f. was going to try to enroll the Sun in a school near him. I woke up with that familiar feeling of dread, and couldn't go back to sleep, so I just got up.

This morning, it was nice to see the little icon letting me know my Nanopet was still home. I could practically see the "zzzzz's." Yesterday when I spoke to him he was a little "clipped" but today he sounded pretty good.

The weekend wasn't too bad for me; he's gone with his dad before for weekends, so it was easy to fill the time, but now the aching is starting. This will be the longest--in all his 8 years--that we've ever been apart. This is the first time in 8 years... really more than that, that I have been completely alone in my apartment. Well, except for Cat.

There's a hell of a lot for me to do; a hell of a lot I should accomplish. I'm going to try to be efficient, but I'm not hopeful. For one thing, the silence makes me sleepy.

But, so far things are well with him and truly, it's all I care about.

It's slowly sinking in that I have custody. But I'm not resting on my winnings, because I fully expect for f. to find something... anything... to battle about. Probably, visitation. But I hope not...


Ros said…
Sleep might be the most important thing you accomplish this week -- don't underrate it. More hugs, more prayers . . .

My coping mechanism was to buy two PS2 games to obsess over while Sean was gone for a visit w/Helpless, but he was only gone 2 nights and 3 days. Although Vice City is a blast to play!

I love the NanoPet thing.
Jacqueline said…
i have a question. {don't i always?} if the battery is dead, can you still track him? oy!!!! as i said before... I am counting the days with you.

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