Monday, August 8, 1977

Psalm 70
The shock of my life. We are leaving Jamaica on the 17th of August for Miami. We got the the news in the evening. Pops went to town. We heard "Strange Homecoming," cooked and ate. We rested. Played scrabble with Mom + T. Pops came back. All and dogs walked, and family shed tears. City People. Pops got some things at biscayne. Went home. Washed. Put on p.j's. Ate supper, heard "Dulcimina." Went to bed. Thank you, Mr. O, Thank you.

I ate:
  • Brunch: green banana, chappati, stewed lentils+tomato
  • Dinner: 1 cherry soda, cheez-trix, g-banana+hard boiled egg salad, sardines+lime, 1/2 chappati

So this was the day we knew we were leaving.

Those "beastly men" who came to bother Poppy a few days prior were really Immigration Officers. At the time, we didn't know it, which is why I hadn't written about it. We were behind in rent, and I believe that when Bigbear stood Mr. W down at the gate, he got pissed off and called the authorities. We hadn't renewed our visas and so we were perfect targets for deportation. Can you imagine; we were deported from Jamaica.

This day, when we walked down to the beach it was the second time I remember seeing Poppy cry. Poppy and Mom sat on a big driftwood log, and we talked about what Miami would be like, and how big America was, and how big the city was compared to what we knew. Poppy said how he felt like he had found his soul in Jamaica, and was afraid that he'd lose it again, once we got back to the States. And I remember his sadness, and I was sad, too, but at the same time, I thought "wow, Miami! America!" I told him that the Professor and I would always help him remember, and that it would be OK; we were "in the bubble" and were going on an adventure but that we'd be alright.

I find it highly ironic that on this date, 30 years ago, we faced certain change, and today, I'm seriously pondering an equally, though not as certain, big change.

Being in Orlando this weekend past, seeing lizards and palm trees and sand, blue water and "sea grapes," and watching The Sun revel in wearing tank tops and flip flops everyday made me wonder if I should let him have that for a little while. It would be hard. It would be a major change to pack up everything and move to Florida. There are several "cons" people have thrown at me; a much slower pace than NY (but seeing as how you can't get much slower than my life in Bull Bay I don't view that as a huge problem), you have to drive everywhere (but they don't drive like they do in the Big Apple), and while the cost of living is low, so is the pay scale. Except the hint of of a job presented itself to me over the weekend... and the pay was higher than I make now. So if the cost of living is lower... big plus for me!

The biggest "con" for me is family. My little family has been in "the bubble" since 1974 when we were evicted from the house in Kingston and because of that, we're all very close. Too close, I wonder sometimes, since neither the professor nor I live very far from the parents; we see them almost every day and if we don't (usually me since I live the furthest away) we certainly talk to them *every* day. And neither the Professor nor I are significantly lonely; mates are so much drama and since we have family so close, why put up with the drama?

And I see it happening with the Diva. Already. It seems PITA has "left the building" and in typical jilted male fashion, he hasn't been behaving properly. Unlike me, she's got me to observe and so hopefully, her situation won't progress the way mine did. But she has her family, and looks like she has no reason to go strike out on her own. It seems unfathomable to us that people move far away from their siblings and parents. But I asked the Prof last night, as she dropped me off... "suppose that's not a good thing? Suppose one of us is supposed to strike out on our own?"

So today, when the Diva met me to get The Sun from me, so I could work (and I actually made something for me to do today... took over a project to work on. Though I'm sure it will be "re-done") I asked her if she'd come with me. She had a little resistance, but I could see she's mulling it over.

Hey, Poppy found some pictures, so in a few days I'll scan them and put them up.


SewPaula said…
Change is scary -- you know that I've been dealing with it all summer, and I'm not going *that* far, but I still hate it. My own parents are moving to TX -- HUGE change for them, lived in MO all their lives, barely left the state, but they are so exited.

It'll be good, if you decide to go. And the Sun will love it.
Regina said…
I agree with Paula - change IS scary - but the world is smaller than we know, and even though I don't physically SEE my sisters and parents in SC every day - I am in pretty much constant contact.

I am sure you will find the right choice for you - and know that we are right there with you, whatever your address may be!

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