Sunday, August 7, 1977

Psalm 69

Got up? Don't remember today either. We might have gone to Biscayne.

And the weekly summary said....

Bustamante died this week. We'll have Busta to Busta until his funeral on Sunday the 14th - new moon.

And... I'm back from Florida, which gave me a lot to think about, and presented an interesting juxtaposition on revisiting my childhood. I'm still processing--thoughts, photos, feelings--and in a little while I'll post all three.

By the way. The Sun is supposed to leave for Cali this Friday. I still don't have any idea about what time he's leaving Friday, how I'm to deliver him, exactly when he comes back. Useful, important stuff like that...


Jacqueline said…
so glad you're back safe and sound and that you had a good time!!! all i can say to the lack of information: OY VEY!!!!!!!!! Do you know what time you're supposed to be at court on Friday? Isn't that where exchange of information and/or Sun will take place? ARGH!!!!!!!!!!
Just remember that you have the RBB and the Divine One to pop rubberbands on him for the trip. Maybe one will hurt him so bad that he will stop these d@mn trips and get fatherhood out of his mind.

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