Thursday, August 11, 1977

Psalm 74

A Busy Day

Got up medium. Dressed. Cleaned room. Mom and Pops were up all night sorting things out. They even cooked. Pops went and picked up Mr.Caleb at Cable Hut, and brought him back. He's nice. Heard "Strange Homecoming." Pops +Mr. Caleb went to get boxes. Helped with fire. Speedy met Mr. Caleb. Mr. Caleb left. Ate. Rested. I slept. Heard "Dulci". Saw Speedy. Went to biscayne to phone Mamabelle. Not there. Saw Rose. Came back. Put on p.j's, went to bed. Thank you, thank you, Mr. O.
We ate:
  • Breakfast: rice (ice cream), curried green banana puffs
  • Snack: guineps, 3 bananas, 1/2 orange
  • Dinner: Breadfruit, red herring+sweet peppers+butterbean omelette
  • 1 cherry tomato, 1 bag cheez trix
OK, now I know what "ice cream" was. I guess Mama would mound it into a ball or something. Or maybe she'd sweetened it with honey. That's another thing I don't eat too much of anymore; white rice. I can remember days when white rice with soy sauce was pretty much it.

And trying to phone "Mamabelle"... my grandmother. Obviously, we didn't have a phone. Obviously, not many people did. The police station up in Biscayne had a public phone outside, and you'd have to hope no one was on the phone, and then hope the phone was working, and then hope you could get an operator and hope the operator could actually connect you. You will see that we went several times to call "Mamabelle," but I think she was on a cruise somewhere. Obviously, my grandfather was elsewhere.

Here's a funny picture I found when I googled "Cable Hut Beach", which is where Poppy picked up Mr. Caleb. The beach wasn't really "in" Kingston, but about 8 miles east. We would go there sometimes but not too often. You HAVE to visit this site: because this is *exactly* where I'm talking about. It's got pictures and everything. One of the pictures is of Cane River falls... and I have pictures of us there. I promise, in the next few days there will be pictures... When I do, I'll add a "photo" tag to these posts.

Rose was Mrs. Mattis maybe-20 year old daughter. She already had several kids and very few teeth, and huge boobs. They lived in a house right at 9 mile, right in the little town. She lived at home with her mother.

Mr. Caleb had a men's clothing store in Kingston called "Style Setters" and was a tailor.


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