Sunday, August 14, 1977

Psalm 77

Bustamante's Funeral

Got up medium. Washed and dressed. Picked gifts for our friends at biscayne. We sure have a lot of friends. Helped pack and sort things, talked. Then T+I cooked--I lit the fire. Mom helped us. We served and ate. Sat in the kitchen. Guerly doesn't look so good, Mr. O, please help her, either way. Thank you.
We ate:
  • Breakfast: 1 mango, 1/4 orange
  • Dinner: coconut + tomato turned cornmeal, mango+tomator+bananas, red herring+green banana+tomato+egg fritter,1/4 orange, 1 busta
The Weekly Summary: A very busy week. A joyful one, though. We met Mr. Caleb and saw Mrs. Clarke and Mrs. Parboosingh. Met another punter, and also Garth Henriques who works on RJR FM. He's one ugly soul. Did a lot of hard work.

(Me & Ma at the fire. The mountain behind us is Sugar Loaf)

I guess by now I had perfected the art of forced optimism. I can find the bright spot in most things, unless I'm really pissed off...

Had I known that Mr. Henriques was the father of Sean-Paul (who is HOT) I mighta been nicer in my description. Nah... probably not. Upper left above is the Prof, Speedy, and myself. Now that I've got a few pictures, play the music on the left to experience in 4-D.

(The Professor. Before she was a Professor. Behind her, beyond those shrubs, is Smelly Lake.)


Fat Lady said…
Love the pictures!!!! I don't think, if I saw these pictures without commentary that I would guess that they were of any of you. You all look so different!

Girl, were you SKINNY!!! Look at those arms! I think my pinky is fatter than your whole arm!

And I take it back, I think I'd recognize you even if I didn't know - you do look different, but that smile is the same.
The Bear Maiden said…
Wait till you see pictures of BigBear/Swordelicious. :)

LOL. Yeah, I was a picky eater to begin with, so I guess what we were eating was great, since that's about all I would have eaten anyway. But now I can see that the Sun is built very much like me. And now you understand why *I* feel fat cuz I wasn't much heavier than that until I was about 30.

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