As Hiro would say... "I did it!" We got out of the house and made the 7:10 (which came at 7:15, but still, we didn't even have to run for it) and got to Daycamp at 8:25 in time for Moon to be escorted to his campsite. And I would have gotten to work early, but I lingered to take some pictures, and then I got sucked into Dress Barn where I found a really nice (although rayon/poly but nice weight) teal skirt suit with silver buttons on clearance for $50! The jacket was missing a button (but had a spare) but fit perfectly and the skirt I'll get shortened. I even have shoes already! Now I just need a real job to wear it to! Or court mabye... despite the fact that no one dresses for court, I always do. If you're going to fuck over my life at least I can look good while you do it.


Ros said…
Yay for you! :-) I only have the one, I let him stay home alone today, skipping day camp, and I STILL was 5 minutes late to work.
Julie said…
You're WAY ahead of the game. I've been trying to figure out how to juggle two kids for the last two years and I still haven't managed to get ANYWHERE on time EVER. And I occasionally (rarely) have help from their father.

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